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XSite Price Book Manager

price bookXSite Price Book Manager software solution is a PC based software program which manages your price book, maintains inventory stock levels, generates automated purchase orders based on historical sales levels and schedules your employees. XPBM runs on a back office PC with Windows XP and 2000, it is compatible with XSite’s Mobile Computer software allowing users to keep their data up-to-date and much more.

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XSite Fuel and Financial Manager

XSite Fuel and Financial Manager software is a PC based software fuel managerprogram which reconciles your fuel sales to wet stock inventory levels, calculates your shift and cash totals, and produces fuel and sales reports. It attaches to your tank gauge or accepts levels from a dip. The software also maintains your dip charts or uses the information from your tank gauge for fuel reconciliation. The financial part of this program allows you to see all financial data from sales including methods of payment, department totals, and in-house charge accounts.

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XSite Mobile Computer

The Mobile Computer is a software module that enhances the capabilities of XSite Price Book Manager (XPBM). This Mobile Module integrates bar code scanning and wireless communication and enables the users to capture, compute and communicate data with XPBM anytime, anywhere. This module allows users to check pricing information, update inventory, and place automatic orders for items running low in stock. This module maximizes efficiency, functionality, and productivity by saving time and improving employee performance.

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