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  • My XSite - Office 

    This completely web-based store management system allows companies the administration of on site price changes, inventory checks and generating reports for a clean analysis from the control of one central location.

    The Price Book Office system provides easy to use tools to potentially further the success and profit of store locations.

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  • XSite Mobile Computer

    The Mobile Computer enhances the capabilities of XSite Price Book Manager. This device makes updating stock pricing incredibly effortless and undemanding.

    This module maximizes efficiency, functionality and productivity. Saves time, effort and keeps employees selling.

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    XSite Fuel Manager 

    XSite Fuel Manager software is a PC based software program which reconciles your fuel sales to wet stock inventory levels, calculates your shift and cash totals, and produces fuel and sales reports. It attaches to your tank gauge or accepts levels from a dip.

    The software also maintains your dip charts or uses the information from your tank gauge for fuel reconciliation.

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    My XSite - Analytics

    My XSite Analytics is a web based application that enables you to instantly (anytime and anywhere) view your convenience store and gas stations operational and transactional data.

    You will have access to real-time, quick, and efficient data including sales, customers, performance, and much more.

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Experience the XSite Difference

Manage your price book
Reconcile your shifts
Delight your customers
Learn from your numbers


Control your business from anywhere, on any device connected to the Internet.


Dozens of reports to give you the analytic edge, whether you have one site or one thousand.


 Manage prices, stock, purchase orders and more.


Track day-to-day operations easily and accurately.


Our trained staff is here to help, step-by-step, every day.

Customers Testimonials

  • “Let me just explain to you what my job was before the XSite system arrived. Every day I had to do gas report, a c-store sales report, and a car wash report. On average it took me about an hour to do all the paperwork. Now with the new system it takes me about 20 minutes to balance all my day and do the bank deposit. The new system also does all my ordering from different suppliers. The computer keeps track of the inventory. I set a minimum number of units I need for inventory, when the inventory is lower than the minimum, units it will automatically order the item that is missing in the store, If someone would ask me know If I would go hack to the old system? My answer would have to be… NOT A CHANCE!”
    - Kevin, Store Manager

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