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About XSite

XSite Group Inc. is a software development  company dedicated to back office software and inventory management solutions exclusively designed to make the organization of retail convenience stores and gas stations easier and more efficient. We provide software solutions for inventory management, personnel handling, and petroleum data solutions. We offer a variety of advanced back office software for POS system programs.

We have an active consulting team dedicated to customer satisfaction with their convenience store and gas station software. Our custom software development and support division is available to offer our customers the best software for your POS system. Contact us to see how we can help your convenience stores and gas stations achieve its efficiency and profitability goals.

For 15 years, XSite has provided a wide range of software products for convenience stores and gas stations around North America. From point of sale back office software (BOS) to Head Office software, XSite has developed back office  solutions to
help our clients achieve their store needs and goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to  effectively and efficiently provide reliable profit maximixation solutions to Convenience Stores and Gas Stations with the most advance technology for data storage, information processing, inventory and data management, and communications at an affordable price.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most cost effective and customer friendly provider for C-Stores and Gas Stations owners around North America in order to fulfill their data management needs and achieve their financial goals. 

Why XSite is the best choice for your business..

Simplicity - All of our products are designed in an easy to use and user friendly interface.

Reliability - Our professional software development team is committed to respond to all our customers concerns and requests.

Excellence - Our staff is dedicated to provide the best personalized service to customer demands in a polite and professional manner. 


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